What to Watch When

The countdown until school has begun, and with school starting that means you’ll have a lot less
free time on your hands. Take advantage of the rest of your summer and watch these must-see
movies. With the start of school comes a variety of emotions, so I’ve broken down the list to fit
your every mood and occasion.

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Everyone attending college is there to progress their education, but there are many parties
along the way. Animal House is a classic film depicting the fraternity lifestyle in college. You’ll be
laughing at the absurdity of some scenes, yet reminded of what you’re about to get yourself into.
If you haven’t seen this cult classic, it’s about time! The writing, cinematography and acting for
such a simple film is ahead of it’s time making it a classic that will withstand the tell told age of
time. This movie is great for any time of year, but especially comical with the rush of school

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School has many highs and lows, and it’s very easy to only focus on the lows. All of the
embarrassing things you say and awkward moments play on repeat in your head, but remember
everyone has cringe-worthy interactions everyday. The Edge of Seventeen accurately shows
the embarrassing moments that we all go through. Watch this movie to remind yourself that you
may have some tough times at school, but you’re not the only one struggling.

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For many people, the beginning of school means saying goodbye to your hometown friends and
family. You have to make as many memories as possible before you all leave eachother, and
Good Kids depicts that perfectly. I find that most movies about friends growing apart are cheesy
and cliché. Good Kids is comical, witty and manages to tell a tried and true story of lifelong
friends separating without being cliché. You will be pleasantly surprised with this film and
reminded to make the most of your fading moments at home.

No matter what you are feeling about going back to school, hopefully these films will help get
you through it, or at least give you a good laugh. So gear up and make the most of your fleeting
summer by binging these films!