What Should Pokémon Focus on Next?

Image Source: CultureSlate

Ash has finally achieved his goal of becoming Champion. Now, what’s next? Ash will be replaced by two new protagonists, Liko and Roy, who will explore the Paldea region. This does not come as a surprise since many fans always ridicule the Pokémon series because Ash isn’t growing any older. After 25 years of following Ash’s journey, I support how the creators have approved of Ash finally achieving his dream. Today, the younger generation of children does not remember how Ash started his journey. I will miss Ash departing since he was a major part of my childhood, but that’s what makes Pokémon nostalgic, associating a character you’ve been with since the beginning of one’s own childhood. Witnessing the end of a beloved character and the start of a new one. That is what the younger generation will have, where they may grow up with a character who is on a long journey just like them. I’m open to seeing Liko and Roy’s journey throughout the Paldea region and seeing new personalities on screen; however, I’m disappointed that the creators are only focusing on the main show, Pokémon, instead of capitalizing on their popularity to create additional shows.

The article Pokémon Net Worth, Earnings & Revenue (2022 Numbers Revealed) states, “Pokémon’s total revenue is estimated to be around $118.5 billion.” I am a major fan of Pokémon Legends: Arceus since this game focuses on the Hisui region, which is old Sinnoh. This is the first content that ever explores the historical age of Pokémon. The game received much positive feedback because of the many gameplay changes that set the Pokémon Legends: Arceus game apart from previous Pokémon games. A few of the major changes are: crafting, battling, and noble pokémon. 

Crafting is an incredible mechanism in the game. In previous games, players may obtain simple items such as pokéballs at the pokémart. Fans have theorized what pokéballs were made of, but Arceus taught players that Apricorns are needed to create one. Another mechanism added was the updated battling. Pokémon Legends: Arceus has a high difficulty level which brings mature players to enjoy a challenge compared to the previous Pokémon games where it was simple puzzles. Finally, in Hisui, as part of the Survey Corps, the player focuses on defeating and learning more about noble pokémon. These are the most difficult challenges the player will come across in the game that brings fans to be addicted. These are just a few examples of parts of the games that are worth mentioning. 

Since Pokémon Legends: Arceus is an open world, anything can happen. The limitless possibilities of tales that can be told through this game would be a captivating anime show. The land of Hisui has such a rich culture that brings fans eager for more of its content. A great start would be for the creators to produce an anime show for the game.