What Comes After Eight Fast and Furious Movies?

Image via Universal Pictures

As 2020 has come and gone, 2021 brings us new features in entertainment. There are so many new movies and television shows being released this year, such as CinderellaSherlock Holmesand Fast and Furious 9In the previous movies, Brian O’Connor was the focus, but since the tragic passing of Paul Walker, Dom has become the main character of the movies. The previous movie, The Fate of the Furious, focused on the marriage of Dom and Letty, while Brian and Mia retired, and the remaining crew exonerated. As everything seemed to be “back to normal”, a woman named Cipher appeared as an unexpected challenge and forces Dom to betray his friends and family. The crew unites to bring home Dom and stop Cipher from releasing chaos throughout the globe. As the last film from the series left us with the heart-breaking death of Paul Walker, the 9th film is focused on Dominic Toretto, one of the good friends of the late Brian O’Connor, and his family. Dominic’s younger brother Jakob, a deadly assassin, works directly with an old enemy of Dominic’s, Cipher. Based on the list of the upcoming cast, it seems like the majority of the actors are either continuing or coming back from previous movies. A special guest, Cardi B, appears in the movie as a woman from Dominic’s past. The movie is said to be released in May. Let’s keep an eye out for the next film in the sequence and see where Dom takes us next.