Welcome to Skincare with Anica!

Skincare is a sacred act, but it is also a tricky game that no one has yet mastered, in my opinion. My skin is so sensitive that if I miss one day of my routine, she retaliates by attacking my face, and it is not pretty. In order to keep her happy, I keep up a pretty strict skincare regimen that I am going to let you guys in on.

First, I wash my face with cold water to prepare my skin. Next, I put my Cetaphil face wash onto my face scrubber and scrub to exfoliate my skin. After a good minute of scrubbing, I wash the Cetaphil off with warm water and pat my face dry with a towel. After my face is dry I use Ponds moisturizer on my face to keep it hydrated. (If it is the morning I put on a bit of sunscreen before my moisturizer; if it is at night or midday I leave as is.)

After my moisturizer is on I use Vitamin E Oil. This oil helps to get rid of any excess dark marks or scars. After the oil is fully rubbed into my skin I spray some Mario Badescu Rosewater onto my face as an extra layer of hydration and for some added refreshment.

This is a routine that I have built up over years and years of searching. Everyone’s skin is different. It reacts differently for multiple reasons, and not every act or product works for the same individuals — you just have to find the ones that are right for you!