We All Need A Little Reminder

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes, we all need a little reminder that things aren’t always as bad as they may seem.  Recently, I’ve been thinking about the direction my life will take, the things I want to accomplish and do, and where I will end up. Often, it overwhelms me and I get this sense of failure, but it’s not really failure I am feeling. I am feeling lost in my twenties.

When I start feeling this overwhelming lack of direction, I go to my reminder. Your reminder may be your favorite book, a TV show, or a song you always go back to when you’re feeling down. For me, my reminder is TikTok. Some people love TikTok, while others refuse to even give it a chance. When the app first became popular, I was skeptical too. I saw secondhand videos of people dancing to obnoxious songs or doing stupid challenges and thought, “that’s not for me.” However, I eventually gave it a try and found that it was much more than what it was advertised as. In scrolling through the app, I found creators that not only talked about the things I was feeling, but did so in a positive light. It’s easy for me to get bogged down by these emotions and forget that it’s not the situation but the way you look at the situation that makes all the difference.

One account I often look to for inspiration and guidance is Anna X Sitar (@annaxsitar). Originally catching my attention with her “another day, another starbies” videos, Anna is a creator based out of Los Angeles, California, with over 11 million followers on TikTok. In many of her videos, Anna jokes around, talks about the things she is feeling, and always carries on a positive tune. Through these videos, she has taught me to be kind and understanding with myself and reminded me that no matter what is going on in my life, I must embrace it and keep working towards the future I want.  However, Anna is just one TikTok creator that has helped me navigate these feelings of being lost.

Instead of dealing with these questions all on my own, I found a community of people my age all asking themselves the same questions. I found peace in knowing that I wasn’t the only one feeling boxed in and lost with no sense of direction while trying to navigate life in my mid-twenties. More than that though, I found a community of people that could laugh while asking themselves the hard questions. It’s my reminder that these feelings are temporary, normal, and shouldn’t keep me down.