Waterparks: The Property Tour

Image Source: Pinterest

The Houston-based band Waterparks recently released their 5th studio album, Intellectual Property, on April 14th of this year, and just two weeks later, they set off on their tour for the album. I was lucky enough to go to the second date of their tour and let me tell you, this is not a concert you will want to miss. 

Everything about their performance had me wishing I could go again. The two openers for my show, Daisy Grenade and Hunny, were spectacular and complimented the night perfectly. Both entertainers had a wonderful stage presence that locked my eyes on the stage for their entire sets. They were so interactive, and I found myself adding both bands to my Spotify library the second they walked off the stage. 

Waterparks came on around 9 p.m. and began their set with the opening track from their Intellectual Property album. They pulled out some older tracks that are fan favorites off of their earlier albums, Entertainment and Double Dare, but what I was most excited about was the tracks they played from their third studio album, Fandom. Their songs “War Crimes” and “[Reboot]” are two of my all-time favorite tracks and I was yelling those lyrics at the top of my lungs–I’m pretty sure I annoyed the people around me. 

The setlist was perfectly curated, with some of their hits, deep cuts, and the entirety of their Intellectual Property album. It was hard to not ruin my vocal cords and lose my voice by the end of the night and as a matter of fact, I’m still recovering…a whole two weeks later. 

I walked out of that concert venue devastated that the show was over. I had been looking at that stage starry-eyed, ready to absolutely lose my mind. On top of that, the stage design and lighting perfectly complemented each song performed and fully immersed the audience in the show. I’ve never been to a concert where I felt truly involved and immersed as an audience member. My eyes were glued to the stage, and I had not a care in the world about how ridiculous I sounded when I yelled out the lyrics. I have never gone harder at a concert before. I nearly passed out during every song due to how excited I was to hear it, the jumping I was doing, and trying to use all the air in my lungs just to scream the lyrics. 

Now, I’m dying to see another show of theirs. Waterparks have proven to be one of the best artists I’ve ever seen live, and I am so excited to see what they do next.