Virgo Aesthetic

Most Virgos, myself included, are shy and introverted, but they also tend to be very soft and gentle people. Virgo is an earth sign, which is why I would choose “cottagecore” if I had to classify this sign as an aesthetic. Cottagecore is an aesthetic inspired by the beauty of life in nature or in a rural area. 

Photo from Pinterest

Since Virgo is dominated by the earth, those born under this sign may feel a strong connection to nature and like to spend time outdoors. This summer, Virgos will feel in their element in peasant-style dresses. These garments are typically made of linen or cotton, making them perfect for warm weather since they’re breathable and comfortable. Earth tones such as green, brown, and purple are lovely for this time of year–you’ll look like a fairy! 

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Virgos are recognized for having a keen eye for style and beauty, they know how to carry themselves with elegance and grace without having to try too hard. This is why a lacy, pastel-colored dress such as this one is perfect for a Virgo attending a summer event. It’s a modern twist on a victorian-inspired style and, it’s elegant, yet comfortable. 

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White is the ideal color for the summer because light-colored clothing allows us to feel cooler during high temperatures. Peasant skirts and blouses are the moves this summer; they are items every Virgo needs in their closet because we are practical beings who love comfort and versatility. 

Photo from Etsy

No aesthetic is complete without accessories. These mushroom and moon earrings are reminiscent of Virgo’s connection to the earth. Gold jewelry pairs beautifully with the dresses on this list and just about any outfit you chose to wear this summer! 

Us Virgos are dreamers, idealistic, and we thrive when things pan out exactly how we envision them. We are attentive to detail, which allows us to have a keen sense of style. This is what makes us stand out from the rest of the star signs and makes us so unique.