Valentines Day Gift Guide

If you’re searching for that perfect Valentine’s Day present for your significant other or anyone in your life that you love, read on for my Valentine’s Day gift guide.

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1. Squishmallow Stuffed Animal

I have seen so much Squishmallow content on my Tik Tok that I now assume that every girl has at least one. They are cute and soft stuffed animals that are relatively cheap depending on the size.

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2. Jewelry

Jewelry is always a safe and reliable choice to give to your significant other. If you want to spoil someone or even spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day, Marhaba Vintage is a great place to get beautiful jewelry pieces that any fashion enthusiast will love. Marhaba Vintage is a small business that sells repurposed designer jewelry. You can find her on Instagram to learn when future drops are.

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3. Cologne

If there is one gift that everyone will love, it’s a new fragrance. Cologne is a great gift because your significant other will think of you whenever they spray it on themselves, and you are bound to love the scent because you chose it for them. Two popular colognes are Pi Neo by Givenchy or Sauvage by Dior, but whatever scent you like will be perfect. 

4. Sweater or Sweatshirt

What’s great about gifting a sweatshirt to your boyfriend is that they will love it and you can borrow it from them in the future, making it a win-win situation.

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5. Food

You can’t go wrong with giving food to your significant other on Valentine’s Day. Chick-Fil-A offers a 30-count box of nuggets for only $20. It’s a cute meal, though you might have to buy two because I guarantee there will be no sharing.

6. Personalized Gifts

Just like food, you can’t go wrong with making a gift by hand. People love seeing the effort and the time you spent on creating something unique. You don’t even have to be super crafty to make a gift that your partner will like. Small gifts like personalized notes, artwork, or a photo album will leave any person the happiest they can be.