Using Social Media to Help Your Hobbies

Image Source: Three Girls Media

Although social media is viewed in a negative light by many, it is here to stay, and will only continue to expand. Growing up in a generation where social media dominates our everyday lives, it’s important to develop a healthy relationship with it. Social media was created to connect people to each other and allow people to gain information about the world around them more conveniently, and we shouldn’t lose track of how positive of an impact social media can have on our lives!

I admit that I can spend up to hours falling down a YouTube or Instagram rabbit hole, but I have been trying to be more conscious of how much time I spend on my devices. Many social media apps and phone settings now have a “Screen Time” function where you can set limits on how much time you spend on that app. I find it to be very useful since I am still allowing myself to have some fun scrolling through my feeds, but I am making sure to have time to do other things than staring at the screen all day.

If you enjoy using social media and want to do a little more with it, consider starting some sort of blog or page where you can express your creativity! You can create a Pinterest account with boards of goals that you have, outfit ideas, photography inspiration, or anything you want. These inspiration boards can help push you to pick up photography as a hobby, revamp your wardrobe, and many other things! Even an interest like poetry or bullet journaling is a great way for you to start a blog page to share your love of these hobbies with other people! If you want a place to showcase your hobbies, you can start an Instagram page for them. Many people have separate Instagrams to document their travels, food, photography, and more.

Social media is not inherently a negative part of our daily lives; it is the overuse and misuse of it that makes social media become unhealthy. By coming up with different ways to use social media so that it is both enjoyable and manageable, we can coexist with social media in a healthy way.