Using Music to Optimize Productivity

Image via Junge & Mele

Music is one of the greatest things about this world. Most of us listen to music every day, including while we do homework or complete other tasks. However, sometimes that can be a little distracting. Here are some tips to optimize your productivity while enjoying all the music you want:

  1. Pick the right music for the right task. It all depends on you and your preferences, but generally, if you are working on something that requires more concentration or writing, you should stick with instrumental (non-lyrical) music. If it requires less attention to detail but is time-consuming, listen to something that excites you and makes it easy to work for a while. Additionally, recognize that there are times when silence is what you need, no matter how much you might want to listen to music.
  2. Listen to upbeat, high-energy music while working out. It seems obvious, but it is easy to forget how much impact music has while exercising. Upbeat music makes you want to move and can even affect your heart rate. High-energy music helps you keep your momentum going once you start a workout so that you can make it to the end.
  3. Create specific playlists. If you have found that certain songs help you work better, make a playlist of those songs. Or perhaps you are someone who has trouble working for long periods; create a playlist of a certain length (start small) and make yourself work until the last song finishes.

Whatever you chose to do, have fun! Don’t force yourself to listen to music you don’t like because you heard it would make you more productive. Find the music you love, and enjoy it!