Using Fitness and Meal Planning to Your Advantage

Do you ever wonder how be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle?

The key to doing so is to have a gym routine, and to stick to it. However you decide to workout, whether it be watching p90x videos, using the treadmill, or going to your neighborhood gym, make it a routine. Go to the gym three, at least four times each week. To start creating your schedule, you might want to buy a planner. Tip: they have really cute planners at Target! By using a planner you can map out your entire week or month’s plans. Figure out which days work best for you to workout, and try your hardest not to change your schedule. Have a set time each day where you make time for the gym, and you’re sure to get fit in no time! 

Of course, sometimes you won’t be able to make the gym, or you’ll have to switch a day around. And that’s ok! As long as it’s not a reoccurring obstacle stopping you from getting your weekly workouts in.

Next, have a meal plan. Now, everyone’s idea of a great meal plan is different. Choose a meal plan that’s right for you and fits your specific needs and health goals. You want to make sure the food you choose is tasty yet healthy, and that it provides you with all the necessary nutrients. My idea of a great meal plan is one that provides protein: chicken, or steak and some sides. One idea is to spend an evening cooking your food, preparing meal plans for the rest of the week. You can place each meal in a container and warm them up before you eat. By doing so, you only spend one day preparing and the rest of the week is a more grab-and-go basis.