Underrated in K-pop: N.Flying

Image Source: kpop.fandom.com

Inarguably, K-pop (Korean pop music) has taken the world by storm. Largely due to the international success of the group BTS, Korean music artists have continually debuted with increasing popularity over recent years. Not only are these artists bringing iconic performances to fans all around the world, but they are also directly promoting Korean culture and bringing in irreplaceable financial revenue to the Korean government. And while all these artists thoroughly deserve the recognition that they receive, I want to take the time to acknowledge a group that is a little less known to the public. 

Debuting in Japan in 2013, N.Flying (which stands for “new flying”) is a Korean alternative rock band that consists of five members, Lee Seung Hyub, Cha Hun, Kim Jae Hyun, Yoo Hwe Seung, and Seo Dong Sung. Officially debuting in Korea in 2015, they have continued to release music up to the current day. Dearest, their eighth mini album, was released only two months ago, in September of this year. 

Whether you’re looking for music to dance to, a song to sing during a long drive, or pumped-up background noise to keep you motivated while you clean your room, N.Flying brings amazing energy and character to each of their songs. With expressive lyrics, a wide vocal range, and an accompaniment of bass, drums, and even piano, this group composes music for every occasion. I find it hard to hold back singing along to each of the songs even when I don’t know all the words, as their music just makes you want to be involved. And is there anything greater than music that makes you feel like part of the art itself?

For individuals who are looking to start their journey with N.Flying, I recommend beginning with “Rooftop,” “I like you,” and “Moonshot,”as they are some of their top streamed songs If you are looking to branch out into some of their less popular releases, some of my personal favorites include “Flower Fantasy,” “Blue Scene,” and “Sober.” This band produces wonderful music and is, in my opinion, wildly underrated. If you find yourself falling in love with them the same way I did, they have a concert coming to Los Angeles this January. I hope to see some of you there!