Unconventional Halloween Movies and Their Fashion

Halloween is my favorite season of the year and includes a nightly watch of many favorite films. Since this is one of the most unique holidays that includes a heavy emphasis on fashion and costume, I thought I’d give a few recommendations for great movies during this spooky time of year; maybe you’ll even pick up a few fashion tips along the way.

Still from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947); photo from normaltheater.com

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) holds a special place in my film school heart. This late-forties drama follows the story of Lucy Muir, a recently widowed woman who relocates to a haunted seaside cottage with her young daughter. This film is beautiful in many ways from its lighting to its score and has several outstanding female performances of the time. Another ground-breaking aspect of the film is Lucy’s wardrobe – since she makes the transition from a comfortable housewife to a self-employed writer, her wardrobe becomes less extravagant with jewelry and ruffles to plainer, more minimalist silhouettes that enhance her features. My personal favorite of her outfits is her Edwardian style suit dress that she dons when she approaches a publisher about her finished manuscript.

Still from Practical Magic (1998); photo from Daily Mail

Practical Magic (1998) is a quintessential alternative 90s flick with young and beautiful Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. The film follows two witch sisters who were raised by their eccentric aunts and battle a family curse that affects their often-tragic romances. A cult classic, the film has outstanding production design and a unique look; its fashion is always an inspiration for me. The movie is quite funny as well, as the sisters battle with the evil spirit of one nasty ex-boyfriend (we can all relate). After watching, you’ll be dying to wear some black velvet maxi skirts and grunge knits while casting love spells. Sandra Bullock’s character owns some mini sweaters, crop tops, and sundresses that especially catch the eye. Also, keep an eye out for Nicole Kidman’s transition from vampy dark clothes to softer, more heavenly good-witch vibes.

Still from The Sixth Sense (1999); photo from IMDb

The Sixth Sense (1999) is definitely more of a film classic than a holiday-only watch. However, for those who haven’t experienced this underrated gem, the material certainly calls for an eerie atmosphere. The film follows a child psychologist treating a young boy who can see the spirits of the dead, helping him find a purpose for his strange gifts. The costume design in the film is unique in the fact that its monochromatic color palette complements its settings. The clothing in the film is as subtle and plain as the 1990s, however, there are a few moments you don’t want to miss. The entire film includes inspirations from the recently popularized dark academia trend; suits, sweaters, dark colors, and sharp blazers all make appearances.

I hope you all discover a new favorite within these picks!