Trendy Tik Tok Songs to Listen to

Image Source: Pinterest

Tik Tok is one of the most popular video-based social media apps right now. But it isn’t just an app for videos, it’s extremely influential on the music industry. I love finding and listening to new music every day, and Tik Tok is surprisingly a  good app to discover music on. Here are some of my favorite songs that I found through Tik Tok.

  1. “I Met Sarah in the Bathroom” – awfultune

    Image Source: Genius
  2. “hello!” – ROLE MODEL

    Image Source: Cool Hunting
  3. “Can You Feel My Heart” – Bring Me The Horizon

    Image Source: Amazon
  4. “Pierre” – Ryn Weaver

    Image Source: Soundcloud
  5. “Runaway” – AURORA

    Image Source: Wikipedia
  6. “Cloud 9” – Beach Bunny

    Image Source: Bandcamp
  7. “SugarCrash!” – ElyOtto

    Image Source: Genius
  8. “XO” – EDEN

    Image Source: Genius
  9. “Roslyn” – Bon Iver & St Vincent (New Moon Soundtrack)

    Image Source: Youtube
  10. “Telepatia” – Kali Uchis

    Image Source: Youtube

These are ten songs that I’m currently obsessed with thanks to Tik Tok. I hope you guys get to enjoy these songs as much as I do! And remember, if you ever need new music, Tik Tok is a great app to expand your music library!