Trending: Gold Hoops

Lately, my Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest feed have been flooded with one overwhelming trend: gold hoops. This simple, yet necessary, accessory is all the rage right now, and even I have succumbed to the trend!

It is not out of the ordinary to own a pair of round, gold earrings, but what has become increasingly common is to wear them with any outfit in your closet. Even if you throw on a pair of sweatpants and a crop top, adding gold hoops is acceptable and trending among the most fashion-forward individuals.

Photo from Maggie MacDonald

The most common style from this trend, one that I am a big fan of, is to pair chunky, medium-sized gold hoops with a simple outfit, such as light wash jeans and a black or white top. Pulling your hair up or slicking it behind your ears also accentuates the simple statement piece.

Celebrities like Jasmine Tookes and YouTubers like Maggie McDonald really embody the varying styles, sizes, and paired outfits of this trend.

Jasmine Tookes, photo from Luvaj

After searching for my own pair for nearly a month, I found an Etsy page where I purchased a pair of 3mm thick and 1-inch wide gold hoops. Not only do I wear these to dress up a fancy outfit, but I keep these earrings in for everyday activities–even when I work out!

If you are looking for a pair of slim, small hoops, has relatively inexpensive gold vermeil earrings. Investing in a small pair of gold hoops is an easy and subtle way to elevate any outfit.