Travel Tips & Tricks

Image source: Jillian Murray

The summer is here! Traveling is always something that my family and I love to do when the weather is warm and there is time to spare. Even just traveling up the coast for two hours to hit LA is something we love to do.

However, sometimes a vacation can take many hours, if not days, of planning. It is better to have a set schedule on when you would like to leave and return rather than just winging it. I like to know where, when, and how I am getting to that location to enjoy a little rest and relaxation. My advice is to plan accordingly by making sure you have a full tank of gas or that plane ticket in hand prior to leaving. It is important for your wallet and peace of mind to book a flight at least six weeks before it takes off. You want to make sure you get a seat while also saving money by not booking too close to when you would like to leave.

Now, the fun part of this article… where to travel! For me, my favorite place in the entire world is Poipu, Kauai. It is the most beautiful and tranquil destination. My family and I have gone every year since I was a little girl. Something about the island is so captivating. The nature, the food, the white sandy beaches–what more can you ask for? 

If you are anything like me, learning about the history of a place is so interesting. I have always had an interest in the history of Kauai and it’s remarkable people. When I travel, I love talking to locals who have been descendants to individuals that have lived on the island that date back to the early 1800s. It is truly fascinating when you travel and learn something new. That’s my version of a souvenir! 

Traveling is a fun thing to do with your friends and family. But sometimes it can be rewarding to travel alone and learn new things about yourself. Now, I am not one to say pack up and fly to Europe alone, as I’m too much of a home-body to do that myself. But, take the time and drive somewhere new to you and learn about the history behind that place. Hours alone in a car can provide you with a reflective experience. You and your thoughts, or car singing, are the only two things during that given time. It can we rewarding to have the chance to self reflect when you are traveling alone.

Now, time to pack those bags and get out there! Be safe, plan ahead, learn, and have fun. Traveling is a special thing, so never take it for granted. Enjoy every minute of it and make sure to appreciate the little things that it sometimes has to offer.