Travel Tip: Pack Everything Plus One

Image source: Well+Good

You’re all packed for your trip. A cruise, camping trip, road trip–it doesn’t matter. You’ve got everything, but just to be safe, take one more.

Take an extra shirt, an extra pair of socks, an extra pair of underwear, an extra bra (for the ladies), and especially an extra pair of shoes–comfortable ones. Pants are less essential, but you can still consider grabbing an extra pair.

It goes against the traveling light idea, but life happens, and you never know what might come up. You never know if you’ll be delayed an extra day and therefore be desperately in need of an extra set of clothes. Extras of things like tooth brushes and hair brushes aren’t so needed, but I would suggest packing your own toiletries even if you’re staying somewhere that has those things, just in case.

Now that you’ve got everything plus one, you can travel in confidence. All you’ve got left to pack is a passport and a great attitude, and you’re set!