Top Seven Spring Nail Looks

Spring is officially underway, and it’s only fitting to tailor beauty and fashion with the proper seasonal nail designs. Floral and vibrant-colored nail looks perfectly suit the spring season, and the following are seven nail designs to try for your next set of acrylics.   

Source: Pinterest
  1. Multi-colored Floral Tips 

The multi-colored floral tip set is the most popular spring nail design. With vibrant colors, such as green, pink, blue, yellow, and mini dainty flowers that represent the spring season, it’s no wonder that nail enthusiasts endorse this look. 

  1. Fruit 

Known as the season of refreshing change and tasty fruits, spring includes strawberries and cherries, which make perfect character add-ons for nails. For example, the following nail look combines pink and white pigments with cherries between the thumb and ring fingers. 

Source: Nylon

For those who would like simple press-on nails, Paintlab sells an almond-shaped set of cherry nails for $14.99. They also sell a $14.99 “Sweet Strawberry” set with basic, white French tips, with little strawberries scattered across the nails. 

Source: Paintlab Beauty

3. Groovy Nail Designs

Groovy nail designs typically include colorful wavy and swerved lines. For example, the following look by @vivianmariewong on Instagram includes vibrant orange and red colors that are bordered by thin, curvey white lines. 

Source: Instagram

4. Classic French Tips

French tips are a go-to design; they are a reliable set for any season. However, to spruce up the classic white color, try out a different tip shade. For example, Static Nails sells a Peach French almond press-on set for $18.

Source: Static Nails

To further spice up the nail look, try painting the ring finger nail a full, solid color to add more vibrance and variance to the set.

  1. Floral Designs

To embrace the blooming spring weather, floral designs add a delicate, pretty touch to a simple set of solid colors. As seen below, a more intricate floral pattern combines different shapes of flower petals, such as leaves, vines, and colors like white, yellow, and blue, which make great natural base colors.

Source: Pinterest

On the other hand, simple, dotted flowers can be a safe, time-saving bet for designs like the following set by @beautyspace_charlotte on Instagram.

Source: Instagram

6. Solid-Colored Sets

For those who prefer nails painted with basic, solid colors that can match any outfit, brands like Essie, OPI, and Sally Hansen offer a variety of shades that suit the spring season. 

Essie embraces spring with a dedicated page of nail shades that represent the season, like the “limited edition spring 2023 collection” of “6 salon-quality vegan nail polishes” that will “inspire you to paint on a happy state of mind.” The shades included are soft pastel, yet lively colors. 

  1. Spring Nail Art 

To give the nail look an extra, lively boost, bedazzle the nails with stickers or jewels. For example, Amazon sells a $5.99 12 Sheet Nail Art Sticker Set with floral sticker designs. The company also sells a 5D Camellia Flower Nail Art Rhinestone and Glitter Jewels for $7.99. 

Source: Amazon