Top 5 Women’s Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than just protective eyewear–they’re an accessory, one that can turn a simple, casual outfit into a fashionable one. Sunglasses transcend the limits of time, and their variety of designs keep the accessory up-to-date with current trends. Spice up your looks with the following five pairs of sunglasses for women. 

  1. Classic Raybands

Ray-Ban never fails its customers with hundreds of sunglass designs that vary in shape, color, pattern, comfortability, and price. Under its “Women’s Sunglasses” online page, Ray-Ban sells over 387 products. Some of its top sellers include the “Aviator Titanium” for $394.40 offered in gold and silver frames. Another is the “Aviator Classic” for $130.40 offered in different shades of lenses including green, brown, blue, and violet. The website evens gives customers the option to customize their own pair of Ray-Bans, uniquely picking everything from size, to lens shades, to frame styles, and to engravings on the sunglass temples. 

  1. The Cat-eye
Source: Nordstrom

The cat-eye, a chic design in which the sunglass frames curve upward at the corners, is a popular women’s pair of sunglasses. It adds a lifting component to the face, making it look alive and revived. Various companies sell the exquisite cat-eye design, such as Nordstrom. The website has a whole page dedicated to different cat-eye sunglasses. One popular and reasonably priced pair is the Chicago 53mm Cat Eye Sunglasses for $30. The glasses sell in two solid shades of black and brown. They’re also offered in transparent and cheetah print frames. 

  1. Oversized
Source: Quayaustralia

Not only do oversized sunglasses keep the eyes better protected from the sunlight, but they also attract attention because of their larger and more noticeable features. Quay company sells oversized sunglasses in three different colors, spice/smoke taupe, matte black, and tortoise for $70. Prive Revauz sells “The New Yorker Sunglasses” for $39.95 in caviar black and chestnut brown tort. These types of sunglasses are ideal for spicing up a simple fit. 

  1. Rectangular 
Source: Pinterest

Rectangular sunglasses can look simple, yet the retro-style accessories are effective in making an outfit attractive and sleek. Jeulia sells a black polarized unisex sunglass for $45. Amazon sells a variety of rectangular glasses for reasonable prices under $15, such as Butaby’s “Retro Driving Glasses” for $13.95 and “Poraday’s Vintage Rimless Glasses” for $12.99. Although the rectangular design may give off a more structured style, these glasses can tie an entire outfit together.

  1. Oval
Source: Urban Outfitters

Oval sunglasses portray a more bug-eyed look, closely resembling the iconic “Ozzy Ozbourne” sunglass style. However, the design still keeps in line with modern trends. Some companies that sell oval sunglasses are Urban Outfitters which offers a “Clover Slim Oval Sunglass” for $16. The company also sells “Cassie Angled Oval Sunglass” for $17 in the shades brown, light blue, peach, black, and white. Oval sunglasses are perfect to suit any fit for their unique and appealing shape.