Top 5 Underrated Winter Accessories

2022 is closing out with a remarkable drop in temperatures. Coats, sweaters, long-sleeves, jeans, and boots, are the perfect attire to keep you bundled up from head to toe. However, here are 5 underrated accessories that can assist you into the winter season and keep you looking snatched while staying cozy!

  1. Earmuffs 
Source: Dillards

Although not commonly worn in moderate winter temperatures, earmuffs can go a long way in keeping the ears warm. Like a more-fashionable headband or a substitute for headphones (without the music), earmuffs are an underrated accessory that can be an all-in-one fashionable, protective, and affordable winter product.  

Amazon sells a variety of earmuffs that vary by price, color, and shape. For example, the “Metog Unisex Foldable Ear Warmers” for $16.99 are offered in black, khaki, blue, red, and more. With their “high quality polar fleece fabric,” the earmuffs are guaranteed to keep your ears comfortable and warm. Additionally, its adjustable and foldable quality offers the perfect fit for any customer, and the product can be easily stored away when not in use. 

The Metog earmuffs’ design is plain, focusing more on function than fashion. Those looking for a more attractive pair of earmuffs might like Dillards’ Ugg Earmuffs, such as the “Embroidered Logo Two-Tone Sheepskin” at $80 or the “Faux Fur” ones at $55. Although pricier than Amazon’s, the earmuffs offer a cozy, comfortable, and fashionable fit and can last for a number of years. 

  1. Gloves and Mittens
Source: Amazon

Fingers are most susceptible to the cold, so it’s important to keep them covered with gloves or mittens. The “Achiou Winter Gloves” sold on Amazon for $8.99 have unique fabric on the gloves’ fingertips which allows for the fast-and-easy use of electronic devices. 

The company Artizia sells a “Lolo Mitten” for $12, offered in the shades damask pink, cognac, and charcoal. Knitted from “soft and cozy yarn,” these mittens are a perfect winter accessory, and the variety of styles and color patterns can suit any outfit. 

  1. Scarves
Source: Nordstrom

Offered in breathable to thick material, scarves can simultaneously keep the neck warm and add a special touch to a basic outfit. Nordstrom’s “Scarves and Wraps’ ‘ section for men and women sell scarf designs in various colors, patterns, and prices. Under the “Men’s Scarves” section, customers can browse through 200 options, some including a “Merino Wool & Cashmere Scarf” for $80 and a “Carrbridge Tartan Lambswool & Cashmere Scarf” for $90. Scarves offered in silk and cotton blend provide a more breathable fit, whereas those in cashmere, cotton, faux fur, provide a warmer and cozier fit. 

  1. Leg Warmers 

With over 200 million views of users showing how they style their leg warmers on TikTok, the social media app brought back the accessory—a fashionable 80s choice—for good. Leg warmers are a perfect accessory in keeping the lower legs protected from chilly temperatures. Although leg warmers were more popular in the 80s, they can nevertheless suit a modern outfit. sells “Ribbed Knit Leg Warmers” for $8.64.

  1. Beanies 
Source: Vans

Beanies are a classic way to keep cozy. Zumiez has an online “Beanies” section that offers over 500 beanies, with prices as low as $51. Vans “Hats & Beanies” section offers over 100 items with reasonable finds such as the “Milford Beanie” for $20.