Top 5 TikTok Fashion Trends

Social media was changed forever when TikTok stepped into the spotlight. With people leaning towards shorter, easily-accessible video content, the short-form video platform has made waves on the internet in recent years. At the same time, it has also become an excellent source of fashion inspiration, as TikTok fashion trends have taken over not just the fashion industry but also everyone’s daily lives. 

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  1. Matching Sets

Whether you want to stay casual or dress things up, a matching set can make your outfit look chic without the extra effort on your part. From knit sets to suit sets, TikTok has seen it all, and we don’t blame anyone for hopping on the trend. It’s an effortless look that will stand against the test of time and a style that can be altered to fit any scenario. 

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  1. Platform Shoes

For the short girls out there who want some extra height, the platform shoes trend is a perfect choice. With recent fashion culture favoring a return to past trends, platform shoes have come back into the spotlight, shining brighter than ever. Not only do they add to your height, but they also make your legs look much longer; pair them with shorts or a miniskirt, and you’ll be ready to make the world your runway. 

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  1. Corsets

From romantic to edgy, there’s so many options for styles of corsets and bustier tops. They’ve been in style for the last few years, but the talk regarding this style hasn’t seemed to die down just yet, so it might be around for another few years. Pair them with anything else in this list, and you’ve got yourself endless options for stylish outfits. 

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  1. Puffer Jackets

If you live in a colder climate, sometimes it might be hard to look cute when comfort and warmth is your primary concern. Luckily, puffer jackets can not only save you from the cold and the snow, but it can also make you look stylish during the wintertime. It’s up to you how puffy you want your jacket to be, but either way, you have a definite way of looking cute while staying comfortable. 

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  1. Miniskirts

The Y2K style has been the talk of the town recently, and miniskirts are an iconic aspect of the early 2000s look. Style them with a crop top or an oversized sweater, and you’ll get two completely different looks with entirely different vibes. The styles of miniskirts are also endless, so you’ll never run out of options.