Top 5 Outfits For Your Next Flight

The holiday season is approaching, so you’re likely getting ready to board an airplane to visit family, friends, or go on vacation. Planning for a trip can be stressful with figuring out logistics and packing. Here is a list of outfit essentials to keep you comfortable and stylish during your travels. 

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#1 Flared Leggings 

Made popular by celebrities such as Emma Chamberlin, flared leggings are a must-have for your next flight. They are stretchy and keep your legs warm, but not too hot due to the added airflow at the bottom. Pair them with a tank top or crewneck, and you are ready to take on your long travel day. 

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#2 Matching Sweatsuit

Want maximum comfort during your next flight? Nothing is cozier than sweatpants and a sweatshirt. A sweatsuit gives you the feel of pajamas but looks stylish and pulled together. Sweatsuits are very trendy, so you are sure to find a set in any color or pattern you like! Cotton On, Old Navy, and ASOS have some great options within an affordable price range. 

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 #3 Workout Dress 

A workout dress is the perfect versatile outfit for your next travel day. Don’t have time after the flight to change? Not a problem! You can wear a workout dress almost anywhere and look effortless and trendy. It’s made of stretchy nylon fabric with built-in spandex, so you’re safe from gusts of wind and can even run to catch your flight if needed. 

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#4 Slip-on shoes 

Nothing is worse than struggling to tie or untie your shoes while in the airport security line. We’ve all been there, so why not save yourself the hassle and wear slip-on shoes? There are many great options, such as Birkenstock Bostons, Vans, or even Ugg Boots. 

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#5 Cozy Jacket 

It is almost impossible to predict the temperature of the airplane before your flight. Give yourself options to prevent yourself from shivering or melting in your seat. A comfy jacket paired with a t-shirt or tank top is an excellent choice, so you’re ready for all temperatures. If you’re in the window seat, the jacket can double as a pillow for your in-flight nap!