Top 5 Men’s Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential finishing touch to your outfit while also protecting your eyes from the sun. Whether you’re taking a walk, driving, or strolling along the beach, sunglasses are a must have accessory. In need of a new pair? Here is a list of brands ranging from affordable to high-end prices. 

Source: Kent Wang

1. Kent Wang 

Kent Wang is a smaller company that prides itself on making affordable yet high-quality men’s wear items. Retailing for $55, these sunglasses are a good choice if you don’t want to break the bank yet still want a trendy pair of glasses. They also sell various clothing items such as polos and sweaters. For the price other brands sell sunglasses, you can buy yourself a new pair of shades and an outfit to match!

Ray-Ban® Eyewear | Prescription Ray-Bans | SportRx
Source: Sport Rx/Ray-ban

2. Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban is a very popular sunglasses brand that offers a variety of styles around the 100-200 dollar price point. Featuring a sunglass customization option on their website, these are sure to satisfy. If you’re looking for a reliable and recognizable pair of shades, Ray-Ban’s are a great option. 

Amari Sunglasses in Arabica Matte | Warby Parker
Source: Warby Parker

3. Warby Parker 

With a similar price point as Ray-Ban sunglasses, Warby Parker is another brand carrying high-quality glasses at a mid-range price. Have poor eyesight? This brand is for you! Warby Parker allows you to add your prescription to your sunglasses to have sun protection and enhanced vision. They have various style options, many of which contain bold colors and a rounded shape.

Source: Oakley

4. Oakley 

If you’re into the outdoors, Oakley sunglasses are a perfect option to accompany you on your next adventure. Despite the high price, you get what you pay for with their wide variety of interesting styles and high polarization to protect your eyes. Oakley prioritizes marketing to sports oriented individuals and outdoorsmen, but always have options for those who want a casual pair for a day on the town. 

Top 5 Gucci Sunglasses for Men | TouristSecrets
Source: Tourist Secrets

5. Gucci 

Gucci offers unique and bold sunglasses made popular by celebrities and supermodels around the globe. Despite Gucci’s high prices, it remains an attention grabbing statement piece. Need a focal point to tie your outfit together? Gucci glasses can solve that problem.