Top 5 Fall Nail Looks

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Although recent heat waves have extended summer temperatures, fall—crisp weather and cozy attire—will soon make its 2022 debut. The approaching seasonal switch has nail enthusiasts adjusting their designs, and here are five recommended nail looks that suit the fall aesthetic. 

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  1. Chocolate Glazed Donut 

Once American model Hailey Bieber showcased her “Glazed Donut Chrome” nails at the 2022 Met Gala, the design went viral. With a pearly, glossy, and off-white finish, Bieber’s nails can best accessorize any outfit for any season. However, Bieber recently showcased an updated fall look for her viral nails on TikTok: “the chocolate glazed donut nails.” 

In order to paint these chocolate-glazed beauties, pair a brown nail polish color, such as Sally Hansen’s “Slick Slate” or Essie Expressie’s “Take the Espresso,” with white chrome powder by OPI. For press-on nails, Ulta Beauty sells KISS imPRESS Glazed Color press on nails for $7.49 to achieve the same effect. 

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2.  Brown French Tip

All nail enthusiasts are familiar with the classic white french tip design. However, a brown french tip can spice up the classic look for fall. Using a pale pink or clear base color, paint the nail, let dry, and apply a brown shade with a nail art stamper to create the perfect curved french tip. To purchase pre-made nails, Etsy user “PressedByStephT” sells “Chocolate French Tip Nails” for $25.20 in different sizes. 

For a more intricate design, Kendall Jenner offers great inspiration from her tortoiseshell nail tips for nail designers who want to spice up a basic french tip but still maintain the fall theme. 

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3. Multi-colored Design 

With an array of fall color options—orange, brown, burgundy, yellow—choosing a singular nail shade can be difficult. When indecision meets the fall nail palette, go for multiple shades instead of one. Sally Hansen sells perfect fall color options, such as Pink Cardamom, Warm Cacao, and Honey Harmony—with prices ranging from $6 to $11. Essie Expressie sells Cold Brew Brew, Get a Mauve on, and Fall for NYC—all priced at $10. 

User “nails_of_la” on Instagram recently showcased a stunning light brown color on actress Shay Mitchell which can be perfectly suited for the fall season. 

Source: Pinterest

4. Wavy Nails

For a groovy, coffee-swirl effect, create a wavy nail design using multiple colors and thin nail paint brushes. Start with a neutral base color, such as an off-white or light pink, and then select various colors to add the wavy lines. Amazon sells a “Winstonia Super Fine Nail Art Brush Set” for painting thin lines and precise details. 

To make the DIY process even easier, Amazon sells wavy stripe lines and an eight-sheet line nail art for $6.99. That way, designers can stamp the designs onto a base color rather than paint it by hand. Etsy user “Pressedbymadi” even sells her own “Naomi Fall Wavy Fall Set” for $40. 

Source: @Polished_nailstudio on Instagram

5. Plaid Nails

The plaid pattern screams end-of-the-year, cozy vibes, and it’s the perfect design for a fresh set of new fall nails. 

In order to achieve the plaid look, use thin nail paint brushes to make the lines as straight as possible. Choose a base coat color, such as China Glaze’s Bare Attack Nail Lacquer for $8.79, and two to three other colors for the plaid design, such as white, black, or Essie Expressie’s Take the Espresso color for $10.00. For easy press-on nails, Rais House of Nails sells Burgundy Plaid Press ons for $39.00. 

Although these designs are few amongst many, gear up for the fall season by adjusting nail-looks to suit the fall aesthetic.