Top 5 DIY Activities: Featuring Sofía Borin

Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Upcycling

Using my sewing machine, upcycling allows me to take an old t-shirt and make it into a newer and trendier item of clothing, especially when the alternative would have been to donate it. This spring, I used a lot of my old clothing to create cute outfits for concerts and music festivals. I created one of my favorite pieces by taking a long pink skirt and cutting off the bottom half to make a matching top with the same fabric. The next week, I went to Coachella sporting three upcycled looks, including the pink skirt outfit.

  1. Decorating Tote Bags

Using fabric paints, markers, and embroidery string to design stylish tote bags, either by myself or with friends, provides a creative and fun-filled activity! One of my favorite ways to spice up a simple tote bag is adding color to it, drawing cute designs on the bag and sometimes even writing funny quotes from my favorite TV shows. My favorite memory of decorating tote bags was the summer of 2020, when my friends and I had a picnic and decorated our bags. The bag I made has a drawing of that day’s sunset.

  1. Friendship Bracelets

I love making friendship bracelets when I have some free time, or even while watching TV. My favorite part of making friendship bracelets is that I can show my closest friends how much our relationship means to me by making them unique pieces of jewelry. Making friendship bracelets reminds me of the summer camps when I was younger, where I would sit under cherry trees listening to a camp counselor playing a song on their guitar, making a bracelet for a new friend I had met earlier that week.

  1. Baking

One of my favorite activities to do with family, friends, or even by myself is baking. Some of my favorite treats to bake are cookies, brownies, and cakes. By making different things, I not only keep myself on the edge of my taste buds but also constantly get to have fun experimenting with different flavors and textures. I always think of baking as a creative expression, whether I’m tweaking a recipe or just baking chocolate chip cookies. Much like making friendship bracelets, I take more joy in giving away my creations in order to make others happy.

  1. Weaving

I love to match and play with colors, and one of my favorite ways to do that is to make potholders! A potholder is a little square to use when a pot gets too hot. I often find myself making these potholders when listening to some music, or even as a way to fidget with my hands while watching TV. I really like working with my hands, and weaving, knotting, and intertwining the materials, much like baking, allows me to work with various textures on the loom!