Top 5 DIY Activities: Featuring Keira Stenson

Image Source: iStock

1. Tie-Dye

As a kid, I have great summer camp memories of making imaginative tie-dye T-shirts alongside some of my best friends! This longstanding camp tradition is perfectly adaptable to all ages. I’ve found that even a single color applied in an interesting pattern can result in a unique, more grown-up product while feeling free to get as colorful and creative as you’d like. The best part is that the process itself is a perfect activity to share with family and friends; I personally have great memories of tie-dying at a mother-daughter craft workshop!

2. Painting/Wall Art

As someone who is not artistically gifted, I can attest that there are still plenty of ways to create something beautiful without feeling pressure to make the next Mona Lisa. My favorite technique is adding painter’s tape onto a canvas to form a geometric design and then filling in the shapes with colors of my choice. I did this once at an art camp, and it has become one of my favorite art pieces I have created!

3. Photography (While Traveling Abroad or in Your Backyard)

Wherever I am, photography is a great way of capturing an image and its details in a way that I may not have thought of before. By capturing a hidden moment, I can capture its light, shadows, and colors, along with the feeling it brings. Travel photography is the art of experiencing new cultures and ways of seeing the world. The way a photographer takes a photo is much like how an author tells a story: perspective matters. Photography allows us to understand the story in a different way by seeing it through the lens of a fresh perspective.

4. Editing Photos

Photography makes people feel the emotions of a moment, but more than anything, it depends on visual experience and how a photographer manipulates light through filters and angles. After a day of taking photos, I love to sit down at my computer and download my shots from the day; it’s often like reliving the magic and seeing the way the light works for the first time. Once my photos are downloaded, I edit using Photoshop or Apple Photos to stretch the limits of the captured light. As a photography teacher once told me, editing only enhances an image, thus it depends on the image’s original quality.

5. Wreath Making

With just a plain frame from the craft store, you can personalize a wreath with any adornments you’d like! At my house, each season is accompanied by one of my mom’s homemade wreaths, from holly berries and red ribbon at Christmastime to large faux magnolia blossoms during spring, to red, white, and blue yarn for the Fourth of July. Wreath-making is a great way to decorate for holidays by showcasing your unique skills and exemplifying what each holiday means to you. You can find inspiration on Google or Pinterest or just go from your own ideas. Ghostwriter BWL helped with the design of the text.