Too Many Books, Too Little Time?

Image Source: Inc.

I don’t have time to read. 

How many times have we heard someone say that (and maybe that someone is you)? In today’s world, there doesn’t seem to be much time for anything. Work consumes most of our day, errands and family obligations the rest, and the need to fill every second with productivity drives us toward an intense work ethic. If we were to break down our days to the minute, I’m sure we would feel exhausted just looking at the schedule! 

Just as the hustle and bustle of the modern world needs no introduction, neither do the benefits of picking up a good book once in a while. So let’s say we COULD make time for reading. How would we do it? 

Take a look at your screen time: If you did, I’m sure you’d be appalled at how much time you really spend scrolling—I know I am! Chances are, you’ve probably racked up a number of hours on apps that don’t contribute positively to your mindset, productivity, or wellness. If you were to replace the time spent on one such app with a quiet moment in literature, you would find you actually do have the space in your day to read. 

Read for a set time: Try 15 minutes a day. Do you know how many books you’d read a year if you did? 13! How about 20 minutes? That makes 18 books! Reading for 15 minutes is a small change compared to the vast amount of time we invest in others and our own important responsibilities. In fact, taking that minuscule time to crack open a book will probably make the rest of your day go a little smoother. The small steps add up to big accomplishments! 

Carry a book with you: What do we do when we’re waiting for a flight, our DMV appointment, or a medical meeting? I bet you can answer! People gravitate toward convenience, so make it convenient for you to start your new habit by keeping a book in your purse or bag where it is ready when you need it. 

Do what works for you: Spend most of your time behind the wheel in a long commute? That’s okay! Pick up an audiobook and let it be the soundtrack to your drive. You can find them for free through Libby so long as you have a library card. 

Ultimately, our lives look the way they do because we decide to make time for the things we do. If you want to read more, then I encourage you to leave behind the bad taste your high school English class left behind and stop listening to the naysayers who claim there’s no time for reading anymore. Carve out the time in your routine YOU desire to spend with a novel (during your morning coffee, while you turn your computer on, or while you brush your teeth) and stick with it. 

We can’t let reading become a lost art that’s eventually swallowed up by technology, homework, and exhaustion. You have nothing to lose by attempting to become a bookworm—in fact, you have everything to gain.