To Journal or to not Journal

Image Source: Kathy Wai – Kossie

Keeping a journal may seem like an unwelcoming idea to some as misconceptions of them being “dumb diaries” and whatnot come to mind. However, there are numerous ways in which keeping a journal can benefit your daily life:

Mental Health

One benefit of keeping a journal is that it helps you keep track of your mental health. Not only can you lay out your feelings on a piece of paper, but you can also get a better sense of them through the process as well. You can keep track of what issues and feelings keep on coming up, and maybe even talk about them with someone close or a professional like a therapist. For some, journaling can be an outlet, and writing feelings and thoughts down can also relieve stress or whatever the feelings are.

Writing Issues Out

This idea connects with the mental health aspect of journaling, but writing down something you’re going through can help you figure out where you stand or what you want to do with the issue. As you reflect while writing, you may realize something you haven’t before by simply giving it the time of day in your journal; maybe you’ll discover new feelings that you didn’t know you had about an issue.


Journaling is also beneficial in terms of memories and remembering them. As you’ve probably heard by now, writing things down can help you remember more. If you’re like me and you forget things quite easily, this may help you with remembering your week and what you’ve done. It’s also nice to just have a journal to look back on as part of your past.

There are many more benefits to journaling, so if I’ve peaked your interest, that’s great! If you are intrigued to find out more, just simply go to Google and see all the other great sides to journaling.