Tips for Online and In-Person Learning

Image via Redefy

With a year of online school done, there have been many pros and cons to this new type of learning. Some schools are starting to open up and many students are going back to in-person learning. This transition from online to in-person school can be tough, but here are a few tips I learned from online classes that can help in-person as well.

Through online learning, I learned the importance of having friends when completing schoolwork. Whether that means doing homework together or having group study sessions, interacting with others while working on school makes it more enjoyable and can make it easier to study and finish homework. My friends and I like to go to the park and have a picnic while working on homework together. I also learned that, regardless if I am alone or with others, doing homework and studying outside helps me be more productive. The fresh air and being around nature are very calming and allow me to focus on my work without getting distracted.

Additionally, a great way to take a break and get energy is to take a quick 5-minute walk. I usually just walk around my neighborhood when taking a break from schoolwork which allows me to relax and concentrate better when I resume my work. Walking also gets your blood flowing, which is beneficial in providing oxygen to your organs. Another great way to take a break is to listen to music. I usually put on upbeat music and dance around my room. This gives me energy and makes me feel happier when starting school-work again.

Although the transition from online school to going back in-person might be difficult, I hope these tips I learned can help you, too!