Tips for Making a Great Summer Playlist!

Image Source: Spotify

It’s June, which means summer is officially here! Summertime is a great opportunity to go to the beach, be outside with friends and family, and travel to new places–a great summer playlist is key to keeping the beautiful vibes going! There are so many songs dedicated to making each listen a fun-in-the-sun vibe. 

There are various types of music, and building a great playlist for them is as fun as listening to them! There are a lot of albums and artists dedicated to making summer anthems, and having them on your playlist will make the vibes more fun!

A great start to a summer playlist is the people who are considered the “Artists of the Summer,” like Calvin Harris. The Scottish producer, DJ, and writer has dominated charts and broken records with hits and features from Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, Gwen Stefani, and more. Followed by that were many nominations and awards, but that was before Calvin Harris decided to drop his 2017’s Funk Waves Bounces Vol. 1

The album consists of 10 songs with features from artists like Frank Ocean, Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott. Harris has dominated the charts once again, and even after almost six years, the songs are still being played in clubs and restaurants.

Slide (feat. Frank Ocean and Migos)” is the opening song with almost a billion streams on Spotify. It is very popular and a great summer car ride jam, making it a great summer playlist addition!

Another route to go when creating a summer playlist is adding songs that remind you of a specific summer. As people on the internet disagree sometimes (or a lot of the time), there is always this agreement that something was in the air in the summer of 2016 that made it so fun and memorable! One artist who came out with a song that was playing at every party, restaurant, and nightclub in 2016 was Drake’s song “One Dance.” This song and the album Views came out in 2016, and it has become a great summer anthem since then. 

Lastly, a way to make a great summer playlist is by adding songs that make YOU feel happy and make the sunny weather even better. In order to do that, you have to add songs that make you think of the good times and make you feel good. All of these summer jams are amazing, but it’s what you bring to the table that will make them one thousand times better!

I personally love summer and making playlists, so, of course, I have one dedicated to car rides to the beach with the windows down! The link is here to hopefully help you build your playlist or give you some good songs to listen to!