Tiger Might Be Back From the Woods

Image Source: The Washington Post

In recent years, Tiger Woods has been known to falter at the expectations of his return and whenever he seems to be on the rise again, he falls back down in the leaderboards. This time, in the PGA championship, he bounced back and forth from first place to second place against Brooks Koepka. Brooks recently won 2 other Majors and is considered a rising star. This made the narrative for Tiger all the better, for he was seriously looking to steal the victory from Koepka; unfortunately he fell short by two strokes as Koepka finished with a -16 while Woods finished with a -14. And even though Tiger shot better than Koepka on the last day, shooting a 64 while Koepka shot a 66, Tiger still came up a little short.

Regardless of him not capturing another major, Tiger is looking optimistic as it finally seems as though he still has some left in the tank. The only problem he faces in his golf game is his ability to properly drive the ball onto the fairway. He constantly faces difficulties as he hits the golf ball to the far right, which resulted in him getting some bogeys. Nevertheless, he still willed himself through those obstacles and managed to be right behind Koepka throughout the rounds.

All in all, the takeaway from this major is that Tiger is showing some genuine signs that his golfing prowess is still going strong, also Koepka is now a serious winner that every other golfer should be focusing on.