Tidepooling in the Bay

The easy access to coastal hikes and beaches to explore has always been my favorite part of living near the coast. Walking in the shallow water, hoping the waves wouldn’t reach high enough to get my shorts wet, and after that, spending nights around a bonfire with my friends holds a special place in my heart. Instead of the typical date idea like a restaurant or a coffee shop, outdoor lovers should consider going tide pooling.

This is the perfect date for those who are also not a fan of small talk. It can be awkward when both people don’t want to be silent but can’t think of anything to say other than basic questions. So instead of searching for topics to talk about over food, the fauna and flora in the tide pools offer easy conversation starters, whether that’s sharing discoveries, talking about your favorite sightings so far, or what you hope you can find. When the conversation lulls or peters out, there’s not as much pressure to find something new to talk about–there are tide pools to explore, after all. 

California offers plenty of places to go tide pooling. Agate Beach in Bolinas, for one, is home to the Duxbury Reef Reserve–where there are plenty of tide pools to explore when low tide comes. There’s also the James V. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, where you can see seals, marine birds, and other coastal animals depending on the time of year. A third option is Pigeon Point, a historic lighthouse that you can tour, and is close to Año Nuevo, which is home to elephant seals. 

If you’re looking to go tide pooling, be sure to reference tide charts to ensure the best experience. Once there, enjoy the time you spend with your date as you explore and find marine life in the pools!