Image Source: Thriftbooks

This summer I made it a goal of mine to read more: specifically, at least one book every two weeks. Surprisingly, my motivation stayed strong throughout the first month, but soon thereafter I discovered myself having to rearrange my budget to purchase books. With the average price of any new book costing over $20, I tried to save money by purchasing my books in person from second hand bookstores. But with the shops around me closing rapidly, I needed to find another way to source good reads while supporting a smaller entity. Thankfully, the perfect solution presented itself while talking over this problem with my roommate; she excitedly informed me of the perfect solution called thriftbooks

Thriftbooks is an online platform that sells millions of books at the lowest prices. They take books and instead of leaving them to be destroyed or disregarded, list them on both their website and mobile app allowing anyone to access them. What began in 2003 as a small company writing software and storing books for has grown into a nationwide company employing over 900 employees. The homepage is very user friendly, providing a complete but not overwhelming list of categories of books to choose from. Once you have found a book you want, it is guaranteed it’ll be offered at a low price, but it also allows you to select the format as well as the quality of condition. They also have rewards programs where every dollar spent rewards you 8 points, and after 500 points you receive a free book! Invest in yourself and check out this website to save a few bucks, support a hardworking team of employees, and gain access to 13 million books at your fingerprints.