Three Poets That Won’t Remind You of English Class

Poetry can be an intimidating genre to break into, especially if you’re not very familiar with its form. Readers often hesitate to pick up a collection of poetry over a fiction novel, usually because they think of poetry as being overly convoluted, or associated solely with old-timey, Shakespearean rhyme schemes. While there’s no doubt that some types of poetry have been heavily influenced by older, structure-heavy forms like sonnets and soliloquies, the work of many modern poets has transformed the industry into one that is much more accessible for audiences who are younger, or simply less acquainted with the poetry genre. 

One author whose poetry rose to popularity with the help of social media is Rupi Kaur. Kaur’s poems tend to be shorter, and are often accompanied by simple line drawings to further the strong visual effect of her writing. It is perhaps for this reason that her work resonates so heavily with younger generations, who enjoy how Kaur writes within the limitations of social media platforms like Instagram and Tumblr. Amanda Lovelace and Blythe Baird are two other authors who have recently risen to prominence in the poetry world. Lovelace’s poetry, like Kaur’s, is also highly visual, while Baird’s tends to take on a form reminiscent of slam poetry. Whether you’re a poetry buff looking to modernize, or a novice searching for an accessible first read, Kaur, Lovelace, and Baird are great poets to start the journey with!