Three Asian Dramas To Binge for Summer 2022

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Summer is the season for swimming at a pool, going to the beach, or even cracking an egg on the sidewalk to see if it will cook. In general, this hot season is a time to go out and have fun as UV rays beat down on one’s skin with the air so dry it feels like one is constantly surrounded by a hot cloud.

However, summer doesn’t mean that people have to go out all the time, or even at all. It’s a time for relaxation, and can even serve as a period of getting away from others. Asian dramas are one way to pass the time on the couch or bed while eating chips and drinking soda, ignoring the “hot girl summer” you vowed to achieve three weeks ago.

I have watched numerous Asian dramas, so narrowing it down to a select few was challenging. But, if you’re ever at home and don’t know what to watch, here are the top three dramas I would recommend for this summer.


#1: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Image Source: Netflix

My all-time favorite Korean drama is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, a romantic comedy starring Lee Sung-Kyung as Kim Bok-Joo, and Nam Joo-Hyuk as Jung Joon-Hyung. The show revolves around female weightlifter Bok-Joo, who aims to receive a gold medal for her hard work in the sport. Along her journey, she encounters handsome swimmer Joon-Hyung, who appears to be a playful person but has underlying familial issues that hinder his performance in the sport as well as in life. 

This drama not only allowed me to let out little laughs here and there, but also made my heart tight with sadness, frustration, and anger. The characters are likable and the show projects a bright and youthful ambiance. It’s a 16-episode drama that definitely can be binged this summer.


#2: Accidentally In Love

Image Source: My Drama List

One of the cutest Chinese dramas I’ve watched is Accidentally in Love starring Amy Sun, who plays Chen Qing Qing, and Guo Jun Chen, who acts as Si Tu Cheng. Chen Qing Qing is the heiress to a long line of wealth. Because of this pressure, she runs away on her wedding day from not only her supposed responsibilities as an heiress but her grandfather who raised her. When Qing Qing encounters Si Tu Cheng, the two soon become enemies. However, they gradually become friends, and perhaps even more.

This drama is currently on Netflix, making Chinese dramas a little easier to access. It has a playful and upbeat soundtrack and is very light-hearted, although a bit slow at times. I was more invested in the second lead couple, but both relationships were very cute. The characters are fun, and it’s a drama to watch when relaxing inside when it’s hot outside.


#3: F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

Image Source: IMDb

Many people know the 2009 Korean drama Boys Over Flowers, starring Lee Min-ho and Ku Hye-sun, and adapted from the Japanese manga. This manga has been adapted numerous times in various parts of Asia as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China all have their versions. The most recent adaptation is the Thai version, F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers starring Tontawan Tantivejakul as Gorya Thithara Jundee, and Vachirawit Chivaaree as Thyme Akira Paramaanantra.

The Thai adaptation sticks to the main premises with the theme of rich vs. poor and how money isn’t everything. The characters are aesthetically pleasing to look at and the concept is refreshing. It’s a more modern version of the famous 2009 Korean one.