Thoughts of a First Time Philz Customer

If you’re a frequent visitor of the Orange Circle in Old Towne Orange, then you’re accustomed to the sight of half finished construction right across from The Filling Station. The sign posting that indicated an upcoming Philz Coffee taunted me on my walks to class and outings with friends. I don’t know about you, but I certainly daydreamed about being able to step inside and give it a try! When the beginning of quarantine triggered an indefinite trip back home, it seemed that the opening would be further delayed and my first date with Philz postponed. Upon moving back to town, I couldn’t have been more surprised and delighted to see it was open! I knew I had to take advantage of a break from Zoom classes to give it a try. 

After ordering ahead on the app- which was easy to use, cute, and fit the Philz aesthetic- I took a walk to the circle to pick it up. It was quite the treat to finally step on the manicured and clean property and look upon the quirky and modern design of the building. Behind the windows, I could see the seating prepared for customers post- COVID that got me imagining myself studying there! 

I picked up my coffee from their front door where they had tables designated for both mobile orders and walk-ups. When I stepped to the front of the short line, I was presented with a wave, my drink, and smiles visible through their masks. Thanks to their efficiency and excellent customer service, I walked away from the brief interaction a huge fan of their speedy system. Not to mention, the proximity to campus will make it 

Being a bigger fan of tea than coffee, I selected an iced green tea with medium sugar and cream, and boy was I impressed with what I tasted. The flavor of the tea was perfectly balanced with sweetness and a tasteful amount of ice. I will certainly be going back to fuel my study sessions with my new favorite! 

As a first time Philz customer, I am asking myself two questions: Why haven’t I been before? And when can I go again? They really make it easy to be a fan of their welcoming space, employees, and atmosphere. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to order another drink to go.