Friday Night Food Just Got Better at Kalaveras
Image Source: Kalveras

Friday Night Food just got better at Kalaveras! Their website mentions that “Kalaveras is a unique fast-casual concept with vibrant colors, art, music, and culture of a time honored tradition – El Dia de Los Muertos.” This restaurant is the perfect mix of all things entertainment and food. This restaurant produces traditional Mexican food and atmosphere. As someone from the epicenter of Tex-Mex in southern Texas, this restaurant is the first sit-down place I have found that provides the most authentic Mexican food in California. 

Kalaveras prides itself in the ability to create a completely immersive experience with colored lights, amazing seating, specialty cocktails, and music like Latin Pop, Reggaeton, Cumbia, and more.” My favorite meal there has to be the classic Carnitas Tacos that are filled with soft pork, green salsa, cilantro, and pico de Gallo wrapped in a homemade corn tortilla. Their specialty is Mexican food, although they offer a variety of pasta and vegan options. They also have cocktails that they put much emphasis on to create an option that tastes and feels like you are in another part of the world. My go-to cocktail is the classic Chamoyada Margartica made with Traditional Silver® Tequila, Chamoy, And Mango Puree. They also provide slushies, wine, and soda. 

Although, Kalaveras is a bit of a pricey restaurant with food in the 20-dollar range and drinks in the 12-dollar range. Still, I think a friends’ night out at Kalaveras every now and then is the perfect way to get that club feeling while sitting and eating delicious food and listening to pumpin’ music. Be prepared to have to yell a bit as the music is definitely raised to create that fun, carefree environment. This restaurant is only located in 13 places in southern California, so the small town locally-owned restaurant is still present in every single one.