The Zoe Roe Show

Image Source: The Handbook

One LGBTQ+ creator that I absolutely adore is @zozoroe, or The Zoe Roe Show. Zoe Roe is a bisexual creator on TikTok who posts a lot of videos with high energy and inspiring content that reminds her followers to love and take care of themselves. 

What I love most about Roe is the number of warm vibes and goodness she puts into the world. For example, there were a lot of people tearing down a fellow creator for her dance style, and Roe made a video addressing the mean comments and telling people to leave her alone. It’s often difficult for creators to take a stance in relation to other creators, given the amount of drama that circulates on social media. However, it surprises me time and time again how willing Roe is to put herself out there for the sake of justice.

Speaking of justice, Roe is also an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, and the Black Lives Matter movement. However, unlike most creators who claim to stand for one thing and then use that thing as an excuse to go too far, Roe is someone who is clearly fighting for equality and equality alone. For example, a lot of people might claim they are a part of the Black Lives Matter movement, but all they are doing is exhibiting racist behavior towards White people. The same goes for women going after men instead of legitimately fighting for equality. But Roe has never had an issue with this, given the fact that her platform is built on the ideals of one looking for world peace.

Lastly, Roe is one of the few creators out there who genuinely want things to be good for everyone. In today’s society, it’s easy to pick sides for the sake of arguing. But Roe isn’t looking to win an argument, she is simply looking to make others feel better about themselves, and in the process, make the world a better place to live. It’s a hard thing to face all the horrible things happening today and choose to find the good, but Roe does it in every single post she makes, all while managing to entertain her audience and make them smile.

Roe is a part of the LGBTQ+ community, which makes her who she is, and influences the morals and identity she carries with her every single day. Her messages to the world about being true to yourself allow people a ray of sunshine every single time they come across her page. Her messages are real and true because she knows how bad things can be, and the good things people need to hear in order to succeed in this world, regardless of the challenges thrown in their way.