Review: The Witch

I’m a horror movie junkie—I love all things spooky. However, I do have to be honest and say that Netflix is very unpredictable with its horror movies collection. Most of them are so cringy and disappointing, but the site has finally released a good movie to watch at one a.m. and be scared: The Witch.

The Witch is an eerie movie that I couldn’t stop watching, and had me looking around my room for any sign of witchcraft. I was genuinely scared. It’s set in 1630 New England and revolves around a family who create their life right outside a creepy forest, which wasn’t one of their better life choices.

Since the film takes place during the era of witch hunts, everyone feared that any problems in their life had to be from witches. The family deal with the kidnapping of their youngest son, who is later seen taken by a witch. Further into the movie more mysterious events start happening, including crops spoiling and the other son vanishing. At the center of the story, there’s family drama; two younger kids start to suspect their older sister of witchcraft, making the entire family wary of one another.

It’s easy to imagine the fear during this era—weird things have been happening while the daughter was around, so ultimately the family believes she is the witch, and start to treat her like a witch rather than like their daughter.

The suspenseful music and cinematic creepiness kept me at the edge of my bed wondering if the witches would find me in my room. If you’re looking for an effectively spooky movie, I definitely recommend The Witch.

Image Source: Addicted to Horror Movies