The Underrated Corset Belt

Image Source: Pinterest

The humble belt will always be an outfit staple. If you’ve ever owned a pair of pants that didn’t fit right, you probably have one in your closet. But a belt can do more than just hold your pants up; a great one can transform your entire outfit. Enter: the corset belt. 

It won’t fit in the belt loops of your jeans, but a corset belt will show off your waist and spice up your style. Wide, tight-fitting, and available in a variety of colors and styles, the corset belt can be a good way to make your usual outfits brand new. Want to give your mid-rise pants a high-rise feel? Throw on a corset belt to get that extra coverage and shape. Have a loose-fitting shirt or dress that could look just as good with a hip-hugging silhouette? Layer a corset belt on top! Interested in alternative styles but not sure where to start? The corset belt can be your gateway accessory. The corset belt is a unique accessory and can be partnered with tons of different clothing options. 

Image Source: Hot Topic

There’s a wide variety available at Hot Topic, from black leather and metal to white ruffles and ribbons. Urban Outfitters also has its fair share of colors and styles, and Amazon has a good selection of its own. There are tons of corset belts for sale that are under $20, with some prices even dipping below $10, making it an affordable addition to your wardrobe that can be used again and again.

There is one caveat. Due to most corset belts sitting higher on your body than the average waistband, they won’t always do the best job of keeping your ill-fitting pants from falling down. If you find yourself shopping for a corset belt, don’t forget to consider if the form is enough to make up for the lack of function.