Review: The Sun Vanished

Image Source: Twitter

“Help,” the simple but groundbreaking word that went viral across Twitter in April, 2018, and launched the mystery that was @TheSunVanished. A twitter account that began what is rumored to be a gaming simulation, “The Sun Vanished” has been entertaining its followers on a day to day basis. The account features one sentence tweets, and pictures and videos from an American citizen’s chilling accounts of the sun’s disappearance.

The “victim,” otherwise perceived as the owner of the account, is stuck in a neighborhood all alone, surrounded by nothing but darkness–that is, until the flashing light appears. He searches for answers, anything he can use to hold onto the hope of humanity, and Twitter is the media platform he uses for his outlet and only connection to reality.

He interacts with his followers through comments and direct messaging. The relationship he develops with his “fan base” creates an aspect that makes the story life-like and personal to the tweeters.

The follower is left to imagine what has taken over the Earth, but a deeper look into the account it is clear that some form of a supernatural being is involved. The theme of the alternate reality has attracted a mass following of over 300K; apparently, this is the type of forums users want to be engaged in.

The account is set up so it seems as if the owner is talking casually to the viewer. The informality of it all leads to an engaging and exciting read. Tweets from the account only appear on the timeline every other day, so the reader is left with suspense—constantly wanting more.

@TheSunVanished on twitter is a growing trend that everyone will be raving about in the near future.