The Spray for Everyday

image source: Katie Shields

We all select our beauty and makeup products very carefully. Committing to a new product can always be a little scary, so you want trusted products that are going to work hard for you. As you can tell by how empty the bottle in the picture is, I’ve recently become obsessed with Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray.  It has rosewater and aloe to quench and nourish your skin with just a quick spritz. They also have a version with cucumber if you have extra sensitive skin.

This product is the definition of functionality, since there are so many ways to use it. First, you can use this product as a toner after you wash your face. After you cleanse, spray your face to balance and rehydrate your skin before you moisturize. Some toners can be harsh, but this spray never strips your skin and leaves you glowing. You can also use this as a hydrating spray throughout the day to refresh tired or dry skin. If you put the spray in the fridge, it enhances how rejuvenating it feels. Finally, this spray works great as a makeup setter. Spray over just-done makeup to increase longevity and to get rid of any powdery finish. You’ll be left with seamless makeup. This spray is a true multitasker and leaves you with a perfectly fresh complexion all day.