The Show I Can’t Stop Recommending

Image Source: Facebook

If you are a person that finds yourself scrolling for hours on streaming apps trying to find that perfect show to binge before ultimately giving up and rewatching New Girl or The Office, let me recommend something new to watch instead. 

Love is a rom-com/sitcom show on Netflix that gives a realistic look at dating in today’s world while also being hilarious. The show separates itself from usual sitcoms by having very grounded storytelling and finding the comedy within the mundaneness of everyday life. The characters are allowed to just be themselves, no matter how awkward or weird they may be. 

Love follows the ups and downs of the love life of Gus and Mickey, two 30-year-olds living a very unlavish life in Los Angeles. Gus, played by one of the creators of the show, Paul Rust, is an on-set teacher for a very campy TV show who has dreams of being a television writer himself someday. Mickey, played by Community alum Gillian Jacobs, is a program manager at a radio station who is struggling in her battle with alcohol addiction. 

Where this show’s writing shines is how it handles real-life situations. The writers are able to portray these characters as very real by showing how each of them makes mistakes and has to learn to overcome their faults so that they can have a successful relationship. Showing the difficult and endearing qualities of these characters’ personality traits and how they have to function in their everyday lives gives viewers someone they can easily relate to. 

With seasoned comedy producer Judd Apatow being one of the co-creators of the show, Love gives plenty of laughs along the way. The show also features a supporting cast packed with comedians such as Bobby Lee, Kyle Kinane, Chris Redd, and David Spade to name a few. 

So next time you are struggling to find something to watch, stop scrolling and put Love on. The show ran for three seasons, all of which can be streamed on Netflix.