The Road To Becoming A Potterhead

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Only someone living under a rock would have never heard of the famous series written by J.K. Rowling. From the moment of release, the Harry Potter novels have become a mainstream sensation and continue to break ground with their ever-growing fanbase and critically acclaimed film adaptations. Harry Potter captured the world by storm, expanding not only in the world of cinema but also through its own video games and amusement park rides featured at Universal Studios.

Harry Potter is a well-loved and appreciated series, so it’s hard to imagine anyone holding any sort of dislike towards the favored universe. But like everything that exists, Harry Potter is no stranger to the many critiques that are against it. And as much as I am ashamed to admit it, I, too, have fallen amongst the group of haters for a big part of my life. As an avid reader and a lover of films, it’s shocking that I refused to let myself become entangled within Harry Potter‘s world of magic for so many years. This was mainly due to the girls I never clicked with throughout elementary school, who happened to be obsessed with the series. Only during the pandemic did I rediscover Harry Potter through a different set of eyes.

Starting with the opposite route, I let myself fall in love with the films first, awed by the magic brought to life from these stories. I guess it’s the film student in me that chose to watch the movies over reading the original literature. Call it selfish, but my longtime hate for the series just wouldn’t allow me to pick up the novel first. Time has since changed, and the people that kept me at arm’s length from the books are no longer in my life. Maybe it’s about time I allow myself to be recaptured by the Harry Potter series. After all, I fell in love with the world and characters from the film. All I have to do now is open the pages to the first book and start reading.