The Return Of Funk With A New Collab

Image Source: Media Pitchfork

The old Bruno Mars is back and better than ever, singing about love and heartbreak with powerful lyrics and melodic vocals. Bruno’s most recent album, 24K Magic, showed a different side of him compared to his previous two albums. The music was upbeat, quick, and sexual. But in his new single, he has gone back to his roots and what first made him popular.

On March 5, 2021, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak surprised the world with their announcement of their collab group, Silk Sonic. Their breakout hit “Leave The Door Open” has garnered over 48 million views after the first week of releasing the official video on Youtube. Mars and .Paak said in an interview with Live For Live Music that the collaboration has been in the works since 2017 when they were touring together. 

In a time where music has become more fast-paced, Silk Sonic has decided to go a different route. Their song is mellow, yet still packs a punch through the vocals. The song “Leave The Door Open”,  shows influences of soul and funk music and has a similar sound to the music group, The Funk Brothers. This song sounds as if you’ve traveled back to the 70s when funk music was popular. The time of bell bottoms, disco, and when people would keep a rock as a pet. 

The raspiness and unique voice of Anderson .Paak draws the listener into the song in the beginning, and then Bruno takes over for the chorus with his smooth, high pitches and delivery. Together, they both create a sound that hasn’t been heard in many years and I look forward to what future songs will sound like from Silk Sonic’s upcoming album.