The Real Thanksgiving Was the Friends we Made Along the Way

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Ah, the Peanuts gang! Since it is currently the season of giving thanks I decided to watch the old “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” special to see how Charlie Brown handled his own impromptu Thanksgiving. Snoopy’s cute face and Woodstock’s little yellow fluff of hair can put anyone in a good mood, and when it comes to the holidays Peanuts is always—for nostalgia purposes—a favorite. It’s fun to watch Charlie Brown be his wishy-washy self (as Sally so eloquently puts it in the movie) while still being so loveable and kind towards others. 

Even though the special is called “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”, we get a good character arc starring Peppermint Patty, who acts as the orchestrator of the movie’s plot. By not only inviting herself but her friends Marcie and Franklin over to Charlie Brown’s house for Thanksgiving when Charlie Brown himself isn’t even going to be there, she manages to unwittingly put Charlie Brown (and by association Linus, Snoopy, and Woodstock) in panic mode as he has to put together a Thanksgiving feast at the eleventh hour. Given that this dinner is completely last minute and there is no ready made Thanksgiving food in the house or any cooking abilities from the cast of school children to be seen, we watch as the dinner predictably does not live up to Peppermint Patty’s expectations.

This special aired in 1973 and it is still a great movie to show the kiddies. It teaches an important lesson about self-awareness as well as thinking about other’s feelings. Charlie Brown certainly thinks about others, to an almost detrimental degree. After all, he’s willing to try and put together a last minute Thanksgiving feast just because he doesn’t want Patty to be upset with him. Meanwhile, we see Patty not even taking a moment to give Charlie Brown a chance to speak as she invites herself and her friends over to his house for a big holiday. 

Along with all the life lessons we get some lovely moments of friendship between the gang, as well as Snoopy and Woodstock’s constant bickering which is mostly Snoopy getting unreasonably angry at Woodstock for random things. By the end the kids are all happily on their way to a real Thanksgiving dinner and Snoopy and Woodstock stay behind to show the audience why you should stick around until the very end of the movie!