The Real Reason France is Going to Win the 2018 World Cup

Image Source: CBS Sports

France has been overlooked by the world as a minor soccer power for too long, and now they’re poised to win the 2018 Russia World Cup. Almost no one predicted France to get as far as they have in the tournament since they haven’t won any World Cups except the 1998 France World Cup, which was mostly attributed to the home field advantage; but now, with France in the final, the reason for their probable win-from-behind is clear: the generation gap in the team.

France’s team in 1998 was stacked with older and more seasoned players, many of whom retired or moved to different teams after 1998. This experience was one of the main reasons they won the 1998 World Cup; however, for the past 20 years, France has recruited newer and younger players that have come to shape the team in recent years. This team took a long time to form and create chemistry and, in the meantime, France did not perform to the same standards they had previously.

Now, with a stacked team of seasoned and incredibly talented players—with some of the most expensive players in the 2018 World Cup—France is ready to take the Cup home. However, as we’ve all seen this summer, this tournament has been filled with upsets, so the Cup could still go any way; but, for my part, I think France is taking home the 2018 Russia World Cup.