The Power of a Good Outfit

Everybody has an outfit that makes them feel confident, like the one you would wear on your first day of school or work or to a social gathering with people you might not know well. A certain outfit will make you feel like you can conquer the world; for me, that outfit changes, but it always highlights what I consider to be my best features. 

I choose a cut and color that flatters my body type, current weight, and skin complexion. Most importantly, the outfit must be complete with accessories and makeup.

Photo from francesca’s

My summertime conquer-the-world outfit is made up of light blue skinny jeans, a white boho style knit crop top, and a beige belt. The jeans are high waisted which helps keep my stomach (which I am self-conscious of) in and the top accentuates my thin waist. The top is light, which allows breeze in and keeps me cool in warm temperatures.

Depending on the event and temperature, I pair this outfit with silver sandals, discrete white sneakers, or a beige bootie with boho cut-outs.

Michael Kors Large Jet Set Leather Crossbody Bag - Michael Kors - Handbags - Jomashop
Photo from Jomashop

When it comes to accessories, this outfit can pair with many styles of handbags, like cross-body, shoulder, and handheld. Depending on my mood (and shoes) I use a black or red bag to give the outfit a pop of color. I keep my jewelry simple with a discrete silver bracelet, hoop earrings, and a small silver ring.

I also keep my makeup simple to match the outfit. I use natural (but sparkly) shades of eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrow filler, and apply a light layer of foundation. For the lip, I like to use Winky Lux’s Flower Balm, a transparent lip balm that reacts with your lip’s pH-level to create a glossy and unique pink shade.

Photo from Winky Lux

I believe this outfit makes me confident because I like what I look like and because of the effort I put into it, which makes me feel like I’ve taken care of myself. This outfit also makes me feel strong because it’s how I dress for myself. The power of a good outfit is infinite.