The Perfect Southern City

Image Source: Cate Burgan

The tiny town of Kingston Springs, Tenn. seems like nothing more than a truck stop exit, but when you continue past the illuminating neon lights of the 24/7 gas stations you will discover a quaint strip of a buzzing downtown. With a bar, a coffee shop, an ice cream parlor, a library, and a couple of hair salons, downtown Kingston Springs has just enough attractions to be considered a city.

Now you may be picturing old buildings with run down sidewalks, but the historic city is beautifully decorated with dark red brick and smatterings of well-kept flower beds. The ancient local churches’ bells chime sweet songs every hour. Downtown Kingston Springs has the exact embodiment of the picture perfect small town charm.

Alongside its aesthetic looks, the business district has a delicious array of foods to choose from! People come from all across Tenn. just to get a taste of Skyking Pizza’s one of a kind thin crust. The pizza is hand tossed and made then perfectly cooked inside of a wood fire oven, all by the hands of locals. If you’re not one who fancies pizza, don’t worry! The Fillin’ Station next door is a family friendly bar and grill with assortments of American styled food. Live music plays all weekend long at the bar, attracting people to the sights of Kingston Springs.

After you’re stuffed with pizza or burgers, you can walk over to Sweet T’s—where gelato is handcrafted daily. There are various flavors and types to choose from, so you will have to come back to try some more!

If the food isn’t enough to keep people revisiting the appealing city limits, then the people definitely are. The community of Kingston Springs, Tenn. is like no other. It is tight-knit, caring, and resourceful. Everyone makes you feel right at home. Kingston Springs is the perfect combination of southern hospitality and southern cooking!

Image Source: Cate Burgan