The Origin of Valentine’s Day & a Special Gift for Ourselves! 

Many of you may have celebrated this past Valentine’s Day with your lover or family. You may have prepared chocolate and cookies, and maybe even got the gift you’ve always wanted. But do you know why exactly we celebrate it? And the origins of it? 

The most well-known origin of Valentine’s Day is the anniversary of the execution of Saint Valentine. In A.D. 269, Roman Emperor Claudius II banned soldiers from marrying. The reason was that he was worried about the soldiers because they must have missed their families. However, Bishop Valentino, who felt sorry for this, invited some couples to the church to break the law and secretly help to marry them. When the emperor found out about this, he executed Bishop Valentino on February 14th, and Valentine’s Day was created to commemorate it. Valentine’s Day started as a day to confess love at the risk of one’s death and continues to be recognized this way, even without an understanding of its origins. 

Isn’t it wonderful that you confess your love to death? Did you courageously express your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? Or maybe there was no one to tell. But it doesn’t matter. We must have someone we love the most. It’s ourselves! We always live, feel, and think with ourselves, but we don’t have enough time to express our affection to ourselves and reflect on ourselves. We should have this same passion for ourselves as others. Why don’t you take this opportunity to confess your love to yourself?